Cybersecurity & PMI

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Cyber-attacks to companies are more and more the order of the day and security cannot be built only on protection programs, but also on behaviors implemented in companies. 
Small enterprises are a sometimes defenseless target and as a result the Giunta della Piccola Industria di Unindustria Como organizes the workshop “Cybersecurity & SMBs” on Wednesday the 30th 2015 starting from 5 p.m. and lasting about two hours, with the aim of deepening the topic and answering a lot of questions on it. 
The meeting is aimed at being useful for both experts and neophytes and it will try to answer the following questions:
-              What are the risks and the main attacks which threaten SMBs?
-              Which measures and behaviors can prevent and reduce malware attacks’ risks?
-              What should be done in case of cyber-attack?
Speakers of the evening will be Alessandro Greco from, Roberto Branz from Arrow, Raoul Brenna from Cefriel and representatives from the section of Como of the fraud squad.
At the end of the meeting, there will be a happy hour.
The participation is free and open to all comers, but the enrollment is compulsory no later than Monday the 18th May 2015.
To sign up please send an email to