Our mission is to help your company to define the best path to the Cloud.

We are a Cloud Service Broker 

Since 2010 easyCLOUD helps his Customers to optimize, to improve and to simplify the management of IT, using new technologies based on Cloud Computing.

Your Company with EasyCloud can

  • Become more productive and cut costs
  • Keep all Company data in a safe storage (Public or Private Cloud)
  • Access any file remotely, using any device such as a Tablet, a Pc or a Smartphone.
  • Digitize business processes to improve Market value while adapting more quicly to business changes

Our Method

Free Assessment

IT Architectures and services available
Business priorities alignment
Cloud Road Map definition: IT business plan


IT services testing, with properly trained consultants 
the right skills you need


IT services delivery: the right technologies and skills
cloud and managed service - all included 
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