Why Cloud Computing?

Imrpove efficiency while cutting costs

Any application available in minutes, no setup costs, with a simple monthly fee

Allow remote data access 

Any application available in minutes, no setuo costs, with just a simple monthly fee (desktop, tablet, smartphone).

Deepen why to use Cloud Computing

We are your Cloud Broker

EasyCloud is the best choices for aligning your business goals with your IT investments.
EasyCloud is an independent provider - we speak your language and we take care of your business

Cloud Economy

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Every days on internet

  • 3 billion searches
  • 300 billion emails
  • 2.5 billion internet users
  • 5.2 billions mobile phones
  • 300 billion tweets
  • 4 billion  Youtube views

Cloud Predictions in 2017 

Security moving from a barrier to cloud adoption is a primary benefit
Eighty percent of production applications will be in the Cloud by 2025
IT’s focus will shift from support to innovation, thanks to the Cloud
IoT will be the killer-application for Cloud

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