We are your trusted partner for meeting and exceeding your business’ IT goals.
We are with you every step of the way.
First, we create a personalized plan, choosing only cloud services that best suit your business’
needs. Aftrwards, we upload your data onto the Cloud, seamlessly and flawlessly.
We also guarantee a tech support team that automatically updates your software. 


Cloud Collaboration allows you to adopt voice and video in a pervasive manner, centralizing all of your business functions. Your Company will be able to implement new business models, reduce the cost of business trips, create international business development opportunities and eliminate geographic limitations.

IT Infrastructure

IT cloud infrastructure includes remote access, without the need for an in-house server. You can choose how much storage, RAM and CPU you need with just one click. The cloud provides maximum security, efficiently stores your data, and reduces your fixed costs. Additionally, our 24-hour support team is available to answer any questions you might have. 

Digital Transformation

Businesses are taking the first steps in their digital transformation. These processes include digital archiving, invoicing, customer interaction, payments, and communications with governmental offices. EasyCloud wants to help your business through this process. 

Video everywhere

Collaborate with everyone, all the time you need

High quality definition

Virtual meeting at high quality definition

Reduce costs

Less travels, more meeting

IT Infrastructure

Server, storage, virtual desktop

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Keep your business safe


flexibile, fast, simple 

Cloud for Digital Transformation

Digital archive, e-signature, digital documents

Maximum Flexibility

Hybrid architecture (sensitive data on your server)

Maximum protection and security

Data center in your Country, backup and recovery
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