Backup in Cloud

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Make an off-site backup without having to resort to expensive and complex solutions. 
Cloud backups are fast, safe, and offer a completely integrated solution for both backups and restoration. This meets the demands of exponential data growth, while safely storing the data in compliance with Italian regulations. 
It is also possible to apply the 3-2-1 rule (three data copies, on two different Backup storage units, with an off-site preserved copy). This eliminates wasted time and resources on utilizing a secondary website and the need to expand bandwidth.

Offsite Cloud Backup: Backup in the Cloud, even through a firewall on a secure connection, with SSL authentication, cryptography, and network traffic 
Total visibility and control: Possibility of accessing the backup repository content and run the recovery directly through the repository Cloud without making a local backup first
Modern Backup architecture: Native WAN Acceleration with endless incremental backup, backup copy jobs, GFS retention with Cloud storages- just like with local archives. 
VM Backup on the repository Cloud
-              Backup a file’s copy of the VM on the repository Cloud
-              VM data restoration with the repository Cloud
-              Carry out file operations staging between the user and the repository Cloud

  • Single managing console
  • Backup of entire on premise environment
  • Data Center TIER3 
  • Data for the national territory
  • Monitoring and sending reminders
  • Data is safe from environmental disasters