Syncplicity is a sync and share solution for Enterprise, it is easy to use and allow you to access to your information using any device, anywhere. 

Syncplicity assures to be compliant with IT Security policies providing an advanced level of control.

Syncplicity provides access to your documents and information: files, shared folders assuring high standards of IT security.
You can share big files in a easy way: No problems, No limits, No extra-steps.
You can send by email a Link and not the file, keeping trace of destinations and users doing download.
Syncplicity is the leader in Sync & Share with the best user experience.
Syncplicity allows you to implement Hybrid architectures: On-premises storage and integration with IT systems like Sharepoint, Documentum, Network shares.

  • Access to any file from any device
  • Improve the collaboration inside and outside your Organization
  • Improve IT security levels
  • Keep your mobile devices safe